Ian X. (gawebmaster) wrote in blooddolls,
Ian X.

Portfolio 2006

I have created a draft online portfolio of my photographic work for 2006. I would like, for a number of reasons, to get a sense of which photos are seen as best, or most universally liked-- and, in fact, any that people just think aren't particularly good.

My goal is to put together a slightly pruned online portfolio, and a more seriously pruned printed one (because of expense). Any help you could give in singling out individual photos (anywhere from one to a dozen of the 130+) for praise, comment, or ridicule would be a huge help in this project.

To view my 2006 portfolio, just Click Here!

It would help if you could use the titles/filenames, if you decide to help out. (The gallery expands the number of columns to fit your browser.) You can see the name when you click to view a large version of the image, or by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail. If you help me out, I will... Well, let you look at my 130+ favorite photos of 2006, for free.

(Note: The above link is Not Work Safe, but nothing rated more than R.)
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