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Ian X.

Blood Letters Newsletter - Sept. 2nd, 2007

This week's newsletter is a little different from most. That's because I have a little news, beyond the newest photos.

I turned 29 this summer, and part of the goals I have set for myself before I turn 30 is to take my art further. This means doing photography that feels like even better art, and also finding new venues to show it. My websites are my first home, but I'd like even more people to see my work.

So far, things have been going well. The biggest news is that I will have my first art show this winter (if I don't arrange another one sooner), in a cool venue, run by a real gallery. I'm looking forward to that, and hopefully more to come. Once the show starts, I will also be offering you guys the same limited run of signed, numbered, framed prints from the show.

I have also started an account on DeviantArt. This is mostly to make connections, show my work to a different crowd, and get a sense of which images are most popular. However, I'm happy for members and fans of Blood Dolls to check this out as well.

Check out some of the most popular images on my account:

The general page can be found at http://ian-x.deviantart.com -- I hope you will take a look.

That brings us to the photo update for the week, and it's something unusual as well. A thank you, to my mentor and business partner for quite a few years now, R. St. Laurent. He's the brains behind Pleiades Web Press, and an artist I have looked up to since my first months doing this. This week's updates are from his latest site, MinxAddiction (http://www.minxaddiction.com) featuring his latest Muse, Minx.

I'll be back next week with a more usual update, including some of my new photography.

Ian X.
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