Ian X. (gawebmaster) wrote in blooddolls,
Ian X.

Official Invitation

I will be sending this around in a few ways (electronically), but please consider this your official invitation.

Out of the Blue Art Gallery Presents
Shadows & Darkness: a Retrospective and Introduction
The Photography of Ian X.

Opening at The Middle East Restaurant
Central Square - Cambridge, MA
Sunday January 6th, 3 pm to 5 pm

This will be open to the public, but I am hoping my friends, family, Realms community members, my few fans, and my models, will all come to support me and meet each other.

Appetizers will be provided, and you are encouraged to eat and have drinks. I will be there a bit early if anyone wants to start off with a late lunch, and stay a bit late if anyone wants to do dinner. (I will be hanging the photos in the morning, and around for most of the day.)

RSVP here or directly to me
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