Ian X. (gawebmaster) wrote in blooddolls,
Ian X.

Art Show!

I just wanted to quickly remind everyone that my art show is coming up. The opening is the Sunday after New Years, so just over two weeks away-- right after the holidays. It runs from 3-5 pm at the Middle East Restaurant, on Central Square, in Cambridge.

Appetizers will be free, and you can buy drinks there-- I'll be staying after with a few people to eat dinner, as well. We may still have a little more crash space, but the place is small so I'm not sure.

I'd really love it if you could all come and support me at my first show. There's more info on the show at http://ian-x.com/exhibits/1/ (The full sized images linked there are NOT work safe for most people, but not super bad either.) Drop me an email if you have any questions. If you're definitely coming, let me know.

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