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Blood Dolls

Gothic Beauty

Blood Dolls: Gothic Beauty Discussion
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NOTE: This community intended for 18+ viewing only. I *will* check the birthdate on your LJ, and if no year is given, you may be banned.

Blood Dolls is a LiveJournal community for the appreciation of gothic beauty. (This may include nude and suggestive images, so the community is meant for people age 18 and up.) Feel free to post photos of yourself, or of your favourite goth babes.

This LiveJournal community is maintained by the creators of Blood Dolls and its associated sites (listed below). If you want to talk to or about the girls on the sites, then this is the community to join.

Ian X.

Blood Dolls sites:
(photography and webmastery by gawebmaster, except where otherwise stated)

Blood Dolls: Our main site featuring all the girls.

Gothic Undine: bd_undine's personal mini-site.

Shadow Jen: shadowjen's personal mini-site. NEW!

Ian X: Webmaster info and resources including affiliate program and content shop provided by gawebmaster.

blooddolls is maintained by gawebmaster