Ian X. (gawebmaster) wrote in blooddolls,
Ian X.

Portfolio Help!

I could use some help with my portfolio... Specifically, with narrowing down the best 18 photos for a particular portfolio project. (This post replaces an earlier similar one, as this is the second round of voting.)

If you would like to help, mostly by looking at my photos, please read on...

First, the basics... Some of my work is erotic in nature. Nothing in the link below is explicit, and only a few are suggestive. The portfolio I'm building is for general consumption, so "this is too porny" is a perfectly good reason to dump a photo. I'm looking for the 18 best pieces of art.

Second, the process...

You will look at 23 photos (plus one variant on one of them).

Select your five least-favorites (not favorites) from among them. This is the opposite of what people expect, but will help me weed out the ones that should go. For each that you choose, a brief explanation of why it made the list would be great.

Then, select your two most-favorite photos from among them. This helps me know which ones are so popular they shouldn't be voted out. It's also a nicer kind of feedback to get. Feel free to include reasons here as well.

One note: There is one photo in there with two versions. Please only include one version (at most) in each category (up or down). Only one version will make it in, so knowing which you like best, or least, will be enough to help me select.

The URL to see these photos is http://ian-x.com/whichofthesearemybestever/

Any takers? :) Thanks!
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